BTC Robot Review 2017BTc Robot 2.0 Experience

Are you looking for a hands of oppertunity to make some profits from bitcoin trading?

I´m experienced with trading for several years now, so ensure to read on this article to find out how to trade BTC on autopilot!

Care: Always read the Riskdisclaimer – Only risk capital you can afford to lose!

What is the BTC Robot exacly?

There are differnt ways to trade Bitcoins on complete autopilot, there are online services like coinigy you can use to trade from a online dashboard on various exchanges, or you can use a professional trading software provided by a forex or cfd broker instead!

The last option offers the ability to leverage your investment, this makes it possible to trade with a  lot more money than you have depositied on your account, but keep in mind that it is a lot more risky for you too! Attention this increases risk massively! (Always be extra careful here, and NEVER forget the Stop Loss!).

One of the big advantages of using your own desktop software is the ability to run automated trading systems called EAs (expert advisors). One of them is the Bitcoin Trading Robot i review in this post!

Keep on reading and watch both videos below to find out more about thise BTC Trading robot!

What is the BTC Robot?

Watch this first video to see what features the BTC robot offers its users! I hope you like this video about the BTC Robot!

Mt4 & BTC Robot Installation

The Metatrader 4 Software is one of the most popular trading softwares, you can get it for free from almost every forex broker out there! Beside manual trading you can install EAs to automate your trading process! To run the BTC Robot, a Metatrader 4 install is needed on your pc!! The following video shows you step by step how to install the BTC Robot on your PC!

BTC Robot Performance

In my first testresults it has been shown that the BTC robot performs at approx. 60% winratio! You can use this robot for all timeframes provided by the Metatrader 4 Software, anyway the 15 Minute and 1 hour timeframe are working best and are recommended by the developer! You can only use the BTC robot on USD/BTC, not on other assets including EUR/btc!

In my metatrader backtest, the BTC has been shown to be profitable over the last 5 Years, as well as shorter periods inside the M15 – H2 timeframe!

The BTC Robot does not win every trade, but if you use a proper money management it can produce some nice constistent profits over time!

Important: Trading involves Risk!

BTC robot 2.0 Review

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